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Welcome to my little piece of the Internet.  Here’s where you can learn about me, my works, my services, etc.   Hopefully, I can be part of your musical and theatrical life.  Naturally, this site will grow with time.

Thanks again for visiting!

Here is what my students and colleagues have said about my work

“Not only has Peter completely revamped my book by rearranging many of my existing cuts, but he has also filled it with wonderful, new material, especially chosen to highlight my strengths as a singing actor.  His knowledge of the American Musical Theatre is vast, a vital attribute of a great coach, and he really understands how to approach a musical theatre song. Many times I have gone to him at a moment’s notice, needing help finding an appropriate song for an audition, and Peter has come through with an excellent choice.  Often, after the audition, Peter will reach out and contact me just to see how it went.  In this crazy, competitive field, it’s nice to know you have someone on your side.  I have seen major improvements in my rep as well as the feedback I get at auditions.  He is the most supportive coach I have ever worked with.  I would recommend Peter to any actor who is looking for a coach… and I usually do!”
                --- Michael Morlani,  Theaterworks casting

“I consider myself an "actor who sings." Working with Peter Saxe has really increased my confidence at musical auditions. He is the best kind of coach; demanding AND encouraging.   Peter has an amazing knowledge of music and has helped me build a wide-ranging audition book that is just right for me.   I recommend him to any actor who wants to be competitive in musical theater.”  

        --- Steve Hauck, Broadway actor (“Irena’s Vow” )

“Peter is able to teach a song while also giving so much care to the journey of the piece.  You not only sing the song, you live the song. A true coach. Peter is a pleasure to work with.”

       --- Marissa Rosen, actress

“Peter Saxe is a patient and supportive music director who is a huge asset to any production. Not only is he talented, but he is a pleasure to work with.” 

      ---  Lauren Adler, actress

“Peter Saxe music directed a short musical of mine,  and showed himself to be an incredibly thoughtful, talented, and competent music director  Peter did a fantastic job teaching the music to the cast, running an efficient, effective, yet lighthearted rehearsal. He was able to work well with actors of a wide variety of music reading ability, and was able to offer vocal suggestions to help them overcome issues of range and tone quality.  Peter is incredibly professional, not to mention generous with his time and talents.   Peter has that rare combination of talent, kindness and generosity of spirit, all thrown together with a wicked sense of humor.  It was a pleasure working with him and I hope to have the honor of working with him again in the future!” 

          --- Deborah Skydell Pasternack, Composer/Lyricist

"Peter Saxe has proven to be an indispensable resource to me in my career.  I've worked with him as a Musical Director in shows I have done and I have benefited from his singular brand of compassionate competence and talent.  As a private coach, he has bestowed upon me countless bits of wisdom and knowledge not easily found in NYC.  He personally crafted my audition book;

not with generic songs that every actor has in their repertoire, but with personalized selections that not only speak to my personal tastes but serve my best talents as a performer.  He provides knowledge, tradition and an acute understanding of what might represent me best as an entertainer; all the while providing a fun and comforting atmosphere in which to to learn the material.  I unequivocally recommend the services of Peter Saxe.  His is a rare talent: a gift to performers, a blessing to producers and an unsung champion of the musical theatre actor.  Don't waste another minute!  Meet with Peter and see for yourself!”   

             --- Ryan Knowles, actor, writer, stand-up comedian

“Peter is a wonderful musical director.  He helped me so much with my solo play, ‘Guido Girl.’  His arrangements illuminated my script.  I loved his playing and he's a great dramaturg too!  He is not afraid to speak his mind to honor the play even if it means a healthy debate with the playwright.”  

         ---  Marianne Ferrari, actor, writer

“What a stroke of genius [of Peter] to COMPOSE 8-bar all-contained audition pieces, since one never knows which 8 bars to pick.  These are catchy and funny!!” 

        --- Jill Gaylord, opera/jazz singer


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